Planned Litters

Anticipated Puppies


We do accept deposits ( which are $ 350.00) on unborn litters. We accept 2 holding fees for female and 2 holding fees for males up to one year in advance.

After pups are born and we know exactly how many of each sex pup are in the litter we may accept more holding fees IF there are available pups.

If the litter has a particular holding (sex/color) fee and the litter does not produce the pups desired of a particular color or sex that we have accepted the holding fees will be  “moved” to a later litter or pup (whichever the buyer decides).

Our Holding fees are nonrefundable ( Except in the case of an act of God type family disaster). Please be sure you are ready to place a holding fee prior to completing and application.


CKC F1B Labradoodle $1800.00

CKC Cockapoo Pups     $1800.00

 AKC English Cocker Spaniel Pups    $1800.00

Breeder Pups                                  $3000.00

We reserve 1st pick on all litters. All of our companions whether Doodle, Cockapoo, AKC bred, male or female are groomed equally. We invest the same resources into the health testing, Puppy Culture, training and care time of all parents and their pups.
Our vets do not distinguish their fees based on breed, sex, color or pattern and neither do we.

Our breeder pups are more because they do not leave until they are 4-months old. I invest additional time and resources in these potential breeder pups as well as training. In addition  I do the genetic health tests ( Embark breed panel, CAER, Pennhip)  before they leave us. This way I can be as sure as possible that the pup used for breeding meets my standards. The additional costs are simply reflected in the higher price.

H & H Red Canon Canine Reserves the right of FIRST pick on any litter. 

All pups are listed on the featured puppies page once they are born. We are ALWAYS looking for Guardian Homes if you live within 2 hours of Canon City, Colorado and your interested in being a loving home for one of our breeders please contact us! This is not a “Get a Free Dog” program. It is a Co-Ownership program.

Please note that unless a fee has been paid prior to the BIRTH of the litter we will not dock the tail of any pup. IF you prefer docked tails you must select your pup before 3 days of age. We will only do this is we will not be keeping a guardian from the particular litter. We thank you for your understanding on this sensitive subject.

2019 Open waiting lists

Gwen and Teagan

F1b medium labradoodles 


Puppies have arrived 2018

We are still accepting applications for Simba and Pumba the remaining males of this litter. Ready to leave us Dec. 20 2018. These sweeties  are amazing us with their biddability and beauty! Check out recent videos of leash work with these Puppy Culture Rock Stars on our Facebook page or see pictures here our Featured Puppies Page.
To begin the process of adding a companion from these to lovely parents to your family  please see the Obtain a pup page and complete the long form application. 

We plan to repeat this breeding in mid 2019 and have opened the waiting list for their next litter


Gema & Carson

F1 English Cockapoos

Gema and Carson have done it again! Beauty and Brains in their current litter on the Featured Puppies Page

Gema will have her final litter in winter of 2019.  That waiting list is open and filling up fast!.

Pictures of our Keeper (Bella) from their first litter can be seen in the slideshow on the obtain a pup tab. and below.


Family photo

Jewell is the Blue Roan in the Photo. Sire Smudge is the Black and White Parti. Dam is the Black lady.

Jewell & Silas

AKC English Cocker Spaniel

2018 Puppies arrived for Jewell  (blue Roan from our Lil Lulu and Smudge ) and Silas (Red with white markings from our previous stud Payden and Spindrift Fe’).

The last of their puppies have left for their new families, So we have opened the waiting list for their 2019 litter. See those pups on our Featured Puppies page! 

Jenga & Silas

AKC English Cocker Spaniel

 Jenga (blue Roan and Tan ) is sister to Jewell from our Lil Lulu and Smudge ) and Silas (Red with white markings from our previous stud Payden and Spindrift Fe’).

Jenga ( blue Roan and Tan) is still just a youngster and must have her Pennhip and Genetic screening from Embark color panel . We already know she is Pawprint and OFA ( clear FN, AN, prcd-pra like her Spindrift Sire Smudge). We are just too excited not to share our hopeful matchmaker plans for this girl in Late 2019/2020 Just cant wait to see how Silas will we bring out the Spindrift in her as well~ 

We will start accepting applications for this litter following Jengas clear /good results. 

Suzy-Q & Smudge

ACC  Cockapoos(medium size) 

SuzyQ is a standard sized F1b Cockapoo with a curly coat who will have her Pennhip and Embark Genetic health and coat panel done in Late 2018.

Smudge is our 4 year old Black and White English Cocker Spaniel. He is sire to our  Jewell and Jenga and we cant wait to see what wil come of our match making with SuzyQ!  We hope to match these two in Spring 2019 .

 Pups from this litter will potentially be ready to leave at 10 weeks in mid summer. We anticipate them to be between 30-45#

 We will start accepting applications/ holding fees following  Suzy-Q genetic health test clearances.

Bella & Gambit

ACC (mini size) Cockapoos

Bella ( left 16#) is a mini sized F1 Cockapoo from Gema and Carson with a beautiful coat and sweet as her Mama Gema! She will have her Pennhip and Embark Genetic health and coat panel done in Late 2018. Gambit is a 3 year old fully health tested ACC mini Cockapoo (20#) that recently joined us. He came to us from OZ cockapoo and we are blessed that he is now here with us! Pending all clear from Embark and Pennhip for Bella We hope to match these two in  late 2019