A Guardian home is a permanent home for one of our breeding  boys. As ALL our dogs are family members it is necessary to have Guardian homes. Our dogs live in our home with us. We do not use kennels. Our Guardian homes  allow us to continue providing quality companions.
Guardian families get our “pick of the litter”.  While we retain the breeding rights for a specified period of time. After the breeding period is over, we will pay for spay or neuter and the dog will be the Guardian family’s forever pet. We believe that all dogs deserve to be part of their own family and have found that the guardian families prefer males over females. We believe that Guardian homes are the future of responsible breeding. 

So how does it Work? 

There is a contract relationship entered into by both Guardian and Breeder. A deposit is place by the guardian that  an equal portion is refunded after each successful litter. 

We will train basic commands and provide pick of the litter pup to the guardian. We will pays all fees associated with breeding ( genetic health testing, pre-breeding tests supplements,foods). Finally the neuter upon completion of the contract. At that time registration papers and ownership is transferred over to guardian.

What are the responsibilities of a guardian home?

 Our Guardians continue with training on which we have laid the foundation. to demonstrate and qualify as a breeder our Guardian pups must  pass the Canine Good Citizen I test by 13 months old. Guardians also provide ongoing socialization and routine veterinary care as well as a safe and loving environment for their companion for his/her entire life.  We also ask our families to have a fenced yard and maintain  pet insurance. We ask for monthly pictures and for guardian to come visit ( or meet somewhere) once a month. This helps us to maintain a relationship and feel comfortable  with us. We offer free boarding and grooming services as needed as well.

We insist that the family have pet insurance  because even the best trained dog can eat something they should not or get spooked and dart away. We feel this is a safety net for the guardian and us. If Life happens and Guardian is unable to care for their dogs (routine vet visit, vaccinations, dental, grooming)
we ask the dog come home to us. We do also offer a buy out option in the event of a job transfer or similar circumstances arise.

What happens when its time for breeding and whelping of my companion and what are the breeder responsibilities?

 We will bring the female to Male Companion/ guardian dog for the ” Honeymoon”. The male usually feels more comfortable on his ” home Turf” .  We also can bring male to our home. This is another reason we must remain in regular contact with the dog and the guardian family. The term of a male contract is  a maximum of 7 years. We do not place our females in guardian homes. The separation period is simply to difficult for all involved.

As you can see this program is NOT for everyone and it is NOT a ” get a free dog ” program. If you think you are a potential Guardian home for one of our boys please submit an application ( found on the obtain a pup page- mention guardian home) so that we may begin the process ( background checks, home visits , reference checks etc). We look forward to hearing from you and answering any further questions you may have

 Becoming a guardian Home is an investment of Heart and Time on the part of the handler/guardian. Being part of our breeding program means we retain breeding rights during the period of our contract. It is not to be entered into lightly as it is an arrangement that is not for everyone.

We believe the guardian home is future of breeding quality companions in a safe and happy family life. Encouraging the relationship between responsible pet ownership and reputable breeding practices of purposfully bred dogs



Call name : Teegan

Teegan is a small standard size AKC registered Poodle that is part of our guardian home program. He is currently is loving life with his Guardian Family in Canon City. 

Teegan has passed his genetic screenings for his CAER Eyes, Pawprint , and Pennhip. 

We Plan to breed him with Jenga in Fall 2019 for a Winter 2019 litter of Standard Cockapoos.

He has completed his CGC test . I hear he is having grand adventures hiking with his family.


We are currently in need of a Guardian home for Gambit.

 He is an F2 Cockapoo male that is 2 years old. He is a lovely boy . Gambit is house trained, leash trained, knows sit off down and come. He loves a grand game of FETCH! This boy loves to jump for a treat! Agility is definitely  possible for Gambit with the right family. Until a local  family shows interest he and Bella will remain best buds and playmates. Previously he was in a guardian home with  females and children we would prefer a local family that has a similar dynamic. 

If interested in becoming a guardian please indicate on your completed  application . 

Local Fremont county only.