H & H Red Canon Canine Reserves the right of FIRST pick on any litter.

Please note that unless a holding fee has been paid and your place has not been secured on our open waiting lists.  We will do not dock tails of our pups. We thank you for your understanding on this sensitive subject

2019 Open Waiting Lines

  • BELLA AND GAMBIT mini cockapoo litter
  • Bella had her pregnancy confirmation ultrasound on 7/26/19. 
  • Due date is the week of August 24 2019. 
  • mini cockapaoos are 11-14″ at the shoulder usually 12-20 lbs
  • Families who have placed holding fees will receive updates directly.
  • We may have 1 space available in Bella’s waiting line. If interested in adding a H &
    H Red Canon Canine puppy to your family please begin the process by completing our puppy application
    • JENGA and TEAGEN anticipated Standard Cockapoo litter
    •  Anticipated Honeymoon date Early September, Pups expected arrival November. 
    • Standard or Maxi Cockapoos are 15″ or higher- over 20 lbs
    • Space a available in line.

AKC English Cocker Spaniels

We do on occasion English Cocker Spaniel litters. The lovely soft intelligent breed is our first love after all! We do this only IF we have enough interest. Only when we have 4 holding fees placed prior to breeding.







F1 Cockapoo Pups

Please See our obtain a pup page for the Puppy Application that will begin the process to make an addition to your family.

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