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When pups reach 6 weeks we conduct the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. This helps us determine the home best suited for each pup. Mom Ruby is 1/2 English type lab and 1/2 lab. This gives her a sweet mellow demeanor, easy to train and a love for a great game of Fetch! Dad Rusty ( Isabella Tatum) is a typical standard poodle. Sweet Affectionate and a great coach weight! Both parents have completed the genetic health screening Recommendation of their parent breed clubs and OFA ( see meet the parents page). Puppies are clear for these issues common in both breeds and come with a genetic health guarantee.



Dora had 10 beautiful Standard Goldendoodle Puppies on October 2, 2017. Pictures below. We are still accepting holding fees for these beauties!  we have 4 females available and 4 males. If interested in adding one of these darlings please start by filling out our Puppy application.

To see what these Darlings look like as adults please visit our Guardian page and pay close attention to our SHOW STOPPER Winona and Up and Coming Beauty Queen Isadora! Both Daughters of Dora and Rusty from their 2 previous litters.



BRAN has a chrome triangle on the top of his head. Chrome on his muzzle,
the tip of his tail, 4 white paws, and a blaze on his chest AND his
belly! My goodness what a handsome boy!





Medium Golden Abstract male with white rear feet and a small  triangle on his forehead that I believe will disappear in time. Something tells me this boy will be able to keep all the girls deepest darkest secrets!

Also has chrome on the tip of his tail, the top of his head. HE
has a small spot on his chest that I call a locket, and only 3 white
paws. ALso a gorgeous boy!





The lightest male abstract . 4 white socks, a diamond on his forehead, V-shape on his chest and on his belly. This boy will surely make the girls swoon one day!

This fellow is such a Sweet cuddler! Loves to sleep on his
back! He has a triangle chrome on his forehead, blaze on his chest, and
all of of his paws.





Pending Temperament testing at 45 days old. We may wish to place this girl in a  a Guardian Home. If you would like to learn more about our guardian home program please indicate so when completing your puppy application.

Stormy has a heart shaped chrome on the top her head , a bit on her
muzzle, all her paws her chest and belly. She is our first pick for a
qualified Guardian home.

We are accepting Guardian home application for the beautiful F1
Goldendoodle female. Please see our Guardian program page for further
information and complete an online application if this seems like a good
fit for your family.




Catelyn is a gorgeous solid girl with Rear toes white. We think those may fade in time.

Dark Solid female with rear white toes.. I just know she will be a great Beauty with pose and grace!

Catelyn is a F1 Goldendoodle female. Solid Red except for a tiny spot
on front of her lower jaw




Ygritte - is a completely solid Dark female with not a bit of white on
her anywhere. A cuddler for sure!


Solid dark red female F1 Goldendoodle Ygritte. Names are for
identification only.



Brienne- a light female with lovely chrome as well. A diamond on her
Forehead, a heart on her chest! Chrome on her muzzle and her chin and 4
white paws! My gosh what a beauty and the largest of the females! Simply
gorgeous and sweet as can be!

Brienne red abstract F1 Goldendoodle.



Arya- a dark female that has blaze on her cchest, ch9n, muzzle, all 4
toes ! A beauty that is coming in to her own! 
Abstract Medium Golden girl with a Diamond on her forehead and white socks. It will be fun to watch this little one learn to dance!

Arya is a Red abstract F1 Goldendoodle.





Wednesday is a sweet girl. She thought the photobox was a good place to take a nap! Wednesday has a low maintenance type coat. As with all F1 Labradoodles she will shed not nearly as profusely as a lab. While not as minimal as a poodle it is still low shedding. Wednesday is looking for an active family that loves adventures! She will be right there with them on road trips, hiking, camping, and/or boating. She is hoping for a family with a nice big fenced in backyard to romp and play in!  

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Price Reduced: $1200.00