Featured Puppies

When pups reach 6 weeks we conduct the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. This helps us determine the home best suited for each pup.



 Ruby and Cosmos “children” are  3 weeks old! Don’t miss their videos on our Facebook page!


2 weeks                     



Ruby Tuesday and Cosmo RD are pleased to announce that their pups have entered the world! 

These pups are First Generation ( F1) Labradoodles.

We have begun the Early scent introduction and their Early Neurological Stimulation / Biosensor Exercises and they are doing fabulous! It will be fun to follow these pups as adults! Please view videos of this on our Facebook page.

These pups will be available at 10 weeks old ( approximately April 10 2018)

Blue stripe is male Hershey

Green stripe is Male O’ HENRY

No stripe is FEMALE almond JOY

Stay tuned ! Please see our Planned Litters Page for future pups



Jasper F1 Ecockapoo

Onyx ( Nick) 2 weeks

Onyx (Nick) F1 Ecockapoo


Moonstone F1 Ecockapoo

Sapphire 2 wks

Sapphire F1 Ecockapoo

amber 2 weeks

Amber F1 Ecockapoo

Corall 2weeks

Coral F1 Ecockapoo