Featured Puppies

H & H Red Canon Canine Reserves the right of FIRST pick on any litter.

Please note that unless a holding fee has been paid and you are on a waiting list prior to the BIRTH of the litter we will not dock the tail of any pup. IF you prefer docked tails you must select your pup before 3 days of age. We will only do this is we will not be keeping a guardian from the particular litter. We thank you for your understanding on this sensitive subject


 AKC English Cocker Spaniels from Jewell and Silas.Puppies have arrived!

 Pictures will be updated on website every 2 weeks.

 Families with deposits will receive updates directly.

4th pick male available. We will know which male remains at the Meet and Greet here at our home when the pups are 6wks old. Pups leave no sooner than 10wks.

Dusty– small white spot on shoulder-male


Sandy– large white on shoulder-Male 

Sunny– Male

Jewell and Silas 

Gema and Carson English Cockapoo pups Due any moment now! In the meantime, check out pictures of Bella from their previous litter on the Obtain a pup page and our guardian home page

 F1b Labradoodles with Gwen and Teagen have arrived! Oh the boys are my favorite!!! Pups are only a few days old but quite stunning! We anticipate pups to take after Sire in structure and coats to be wavy to curly (Timon is a bit iffy on coat type). Time will tell of course. Our Guardian home was kind enough to pick the theme this time with my favorite Disney Movie of ALL time. What fun these boys will be! We are accepting homes for the 5 males below at this time.




We are still accepting applications for 1st-5th pick male. If interested please complete an application. 

AKC small Standard Poodle

MM Blazing Garnet Huiterty ( call name Teagen)

F1 labradoodle H & H Red Canon Gwenivere ( call name Gwen)