H & H Red Canon Canine Reserves the right of FIRST pick on any litter.

Please note that unless a holding fee has been paid and your place has not been secured on our open waiting lists.  We will do not dock tails of our pups. We thank you for your understanding on this sensitive subject

 Open 2019 waiting lists
Bella and Gambit mini cockapoo Fall litter
Jenga and Gambit Winter litter

 Families who have placed holding fees will receive updates directly please begin the process by completing our puppy application

Koko and her sire Carson
Kokos first christmas
Texas Creek Gema Dam to our 2018 Meteorite litter is our Princess eyelashes
Crimson Moonrise is our mini poodle stud Carson sire to the 2018 meterorite litter


is a Phantom 8 mo old F1 English cockapoo form our 2018 winter litter.

She is a Puppy Culture Puppy that we have decided to offer as a trained pup to a qualified pet home.

Koko is leash trained. house trained, turf trained, and crate trained for meals and night time. She knows several tasks. She comes when called, automatic sit ( first step to heel), and you should see how she responds to ” who’s a good girl?”, lets go and ‘who’s hungry!  She asks for attention or up on your lap by sitting in front of you. Koko is eager to please and smart as they come. She has a low shed wavy coat. She also has all her vaccinations. 

Koko also comes our puppy starter kit.  registration, microchip, gift bag as well as her Embark genetic health and trait veterinary report. We will spay her after her first in June. She will be available to join her new family 2 weeks following her spay. 

We are asking $2000.00 for Kokos added time and training investment on our part , as well as, additional health testing ,vaccines and her spay.

Friends and Family discount available to our HHRCC families.

if interested in adding a new family member please complete the puppy application.

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F1 Cockapoo Pups

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