Meet the Parents

All pups are listed on the Featured Puppy page once they are born. 

We are ALWAYS looking for Guardian Homes for our future parents. More information on that can be found on the Guardian Tab along with information on those looking for Guardian homes and those currently residing in Guardian homes. 

Call name : Teegan

Teegan is a small standard size AKC registered Poodle that is part of our guardian home program. He is currently is loving life with his Guardian Family. 

Teegan has passed his genetic screenings for his CAER Eyes, Pawprint , and Pennhip. 

Teagen is working toward his CGC test and will take his test in 6weeks!. I hear he is having grand adventures hiking with his family.

Call name: Carson 

  AKC Miniature Poodle. He weighs in at 14# and 14″.

He has a fabulous personality as he is calm, affectionate, easy to train, intuitive, and intelligent. Love his handsome face and great structure! !  He is just over  2 years old and has completed his genetic testing with Pennhip and Pawprint.

We  pair Carson with our English cocker Spaniel Gema and Lulu for amazing  F1 English Cockapoos. Bella is the daghter of Carson and Gema.

 You can see pictures of his daughter Bella on the Featured Puppy page slideshow or Guardian Page.

Carson is clear for Prcd, OCD, GM2, and vWD. He is a carrier for DM is current with his CAER and Pennhip.

2015-03-16 15.07.03_wm [455396]lulu

Noheas Little Lulu
28 # 14in. at the withers
OFA hips/elbows Good
FN normal
Prcd/ PRA carrier
AN- Carrier
 How we adore our Lulu with her glorious natural Tail!! We Love  her natural tail and it is because of it that we do not dock tails! Lulu is never happier than when she has 4 wheels under her whether it be Tractor, Truck or car, or 4-wheeler and is at her Pappa’s side!! I wouldn’t want to be the person that would DARE to suggest to seperate those two! Lulu may be gun shy but that is of no matter to us or the people who now enjoy the loving family companions from her previous litters. Lulus Gun shyness was NOT passed on to her beautiful  daughters Jewell and Jenga with Spindrifts Bear Creek Smudge. But her love and devotion  for her human family certainly has been!


Spindrift's Bear Creek Smudge

Sire: AM/MEX/Int CH. Spindrift’s Anchors Away
Dam: Spindrift’s Sirens Song

Home bred by H&HRCC he has produced beautiful Blue Roans and Partis. We will retire him in  2019.

Bear Creek’s Smudge is Bench Bred and He is such a sweet boy! He has brought good health and sweet temperament to his offspring. He enjoys hanging with the crowd and movie night.

FN Normal
Prcd-PRA clear
AN -clear
OFA hips & Elbows GOOD
CAER normal

Huiterty Crusaders Embedded Jewell 

Sire: Spindrifts Bear Creek  Smudge

Dam: Noheas Lil Lulu

Meet Jewell A pup from Lulu and Smudge!!!!  Our keeper from our Puzzle pieces litter. Jewell is a Blue Roan
Jewell is clear for Prcd-PRA, FN, and AN. She has passed her recent CAER eye screening as well as,  her Pennhip & OFA prelims. 


Sire : Rich and Rosies Paeden
Dam: Spindrift’s Karma Huiterty
Bred by H&HRCC

Our sweet Gema. Princess Eyelashes!

Gema is the perfect balance between field and bench. She has the beauty and structure of the bench, ( off switch = love sponge ) and the love of the outdoors a beautiful bench coat. She is happy to be with us no matter WHAT we are doing!

Gema and Carson current pups are on the Puppies page and are nearly ready to leave us! A repeat performance worthy of a standing ovation! She will retire after her late 2019 litter. The waiting list is open.


CAER Normal

Gwen : F1 Labradoodle
Gwen is 3 years years old. ! Gwen’s parents are Rusty and Nelle Belle 2 of our retired breeders. Gwen has completed her Canine Good Citizen. She is a sweet affectionate lady that loves to run and hike with her Guardian family. She has a gorgeous Fox Red color and a slight build at only 40lbs. She has a beautiful wavy low-shed coat. She passed her Pennhip in the 90th percentile.

Gwen and our small standard Teegan have created a beautiful litter of F1b Labradoodles ( Their first!). We anticipate them to be between 30-4. # at adulthood with low shed coats. 




CAER- Normal
Pennhip- 90th Percentile
Pawprint Labradoodle- clear


We are accepting applications and holding fees at this time. 

Gwen and Carson both live in guardian homes in Fremont county . 

Paw Print Pedigrees Dog Seal


Cherry : F1 Labradoodle
 Cherry’s parents are Rusty and Ruby (retired and living life as a Love sponge). Cherry born 12/01/2017 just turned 2! She has completed her Intermediate obedience class with her guardian family. They tell us she is an active, affectionate and obedient. We agree with them ! She is such fun ! She loves to do whatever her guardian family is up to ! 

She has a gorgeous Fox Red color and a medium build of 40 lbs. Cherry has just recently passed her OFA hips ( Excellent) and Elbows ( normal). Her Pawprint Labradoodle breed panel is also clear.

Cherry and Teagen’s 2019 waiting list is open. We plan for Cherry and Teagen ( small standard poodle) to honeymoon in Late February/ Early March for a litter due in Early Spring 2019. These (F1b) pups will be medium in size 30-40#. We anticipate a gorgeous litter of Reds and red abstract from these 2! As our small standard Teagan has already created a beautiful litter of F1b Labradoodles with Cherrys half sister Gwen this past winter. 

OFA – Excellent 

Pawprint Labradoodle
Panel – clear


We are accepting applications and holding fees at this time for Cherry and Teagens 2019 Spring litter. 

Cherry and Teagen both live in guardian homes in Colorado . 



Paw Print Pedigrees Dog Seal