Meet the Parents

All pups are listed on the Featured Puppy page once they are born. We believe anything worth having is worth waiting and planning for! Our waiting list is 6 months to a year. If you are interested in adding a new companion to your family please begin the process by completing a application found on the obtain a pup page.  

We are a small in-home breeder our dogs reside in our home with us. We do not use a kennel to house our dogs. Because of that in order continue our mission of providing quality companions we need to use local  families as Guardian homes for our future studs. This also prevents accidental litters.


 Gambit is an F2 Cockapoo male that is 2 years old. He is a lovely boy  that our Bella has fallen head over heels for! We cant fault her for that as Rosie is just as smitten with this sweetheart! Gambit is house trained, leash trained, knows sit off down and come. Who’s a good boy is a recent addition! A quick learner and eager to please! 

He has had his Pawprint health panel completed and Embark health panel. He is OFA good hips and OFA normal elbows. 


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Call name : Teegan

Teegan is a small standard size AKC registered Poodle he is 40# and 19 in. . Teagen is part of our guardian home program.. 

Teegan has passed his genetic screenings for  CAER Eyes, Pawprint , and Embark ,Pennhip. We hope to see  Teagen Honeymoon with Jewell and Jenga in  2020. Waiting line for Jenga 2020 remains open. Jewell’s 2020 waiting line has 1 spot available.

Teagen has achieved his CGC (canine Good citizen) !. I hear he is having grand adventures hiking with his family.

Teagen is also available for Stud. Please contact us if interest


Bella is one of our First Puppy Culture Momma’s. A Gema and Carson daughter. Bella is a F1 (English) mini cockapoo. She is 14″ and 16 lbs . Bella is as sweet as she is obedient. Soft and gentle is her way.  attentive and watchful eye is there to make sure Ms. Rosie isn’t getting into too much mischief. Bella is from our Precious Gems litter with Gema and Carson. 
Bella is fully health tested with Embark and Pennhip.


Huiterty Crusaders Embedded Jewell 

Sire: Spindrifts Bear Creek  Smudge

Dam: Noheas Lil Lulu

Meet Jewell A daughter from Lulu and Smudge!!!!  Our keeper from our Puzzle pieces litter. Jewell is a Blue Roan.She currently resides with Rich’ s Son and his family. I hear she is enjoying the green grass of SD ! While she is there I hear pheasants and field training are in her future! She will return to us for her  litter this winter/Spring 
Jewell is clear for Prcd-PRA, FN, and AN. She has passed her recent CAER eye screening.  Jewell has her Embark genetic panel, Pennhip & OFA prelims. 
The waiting list for her next F1 cockapoo litter with Teagen is currently open.

We are currently looking for an ECS stud for her  2021 litter

Huiterty Song of Lulu

Sire: Spindrifts Bear Creek Smudge

Dam: Nohea Lil Lulu Huiterty

Jenga is a full sister to our Jewell. Lulu and Smudge daughter and a beautiful Blue Roan and Tan. Jenga has passed her Embark panel as well as Pennhip. Her recent litter with Gambit were exceptional! This girl is one of our first Puppy culture pups/ She sure taught her pups the ropes ! Jenga is affectionate smart and funny!  A true blue shot gun seat rider that is ready for any new adventure and always alert for Rich or I to ask her ” You Comin’?”  she is ready at a moments notice! This girl will retrieve until your shoulder gives out! She has been known to bring Rosie a ” treasure” a ( natural flushing ability)! Her off button is equally as strong!

We are searching for an ECS stud for her late 2021 litter.