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Meet the Parents

H & H Red Canine Canine Reserves the right of FIRST pick on any litter.

All pups are listed on the Featured Puppy page once they are born. We are ALWAYS looking for Guardian Homes if you live within 2 hours of Canon City, Colorado and your interested in being a loving home for one of our breeders please contact us! This is not a “Get a Free Dog” program. It is a Co-Ownership program.

Please note that unless a fee has been paid prior to the BIRTH of the litter we will not dock the tail of any pup. IF you prefer docked tails you must select your pup before 3 days of age. We will only do this is we will not be keeping a guardian from the particular litter. We thank you for your understanding on this sensitive subject

Alias Carson is a AKC Miniature Poodle. He weighs in at 14# and 14″.
He has a fabulous personality as he is calm, affectionate, easy to
train, intuitive, and intelligent. Love his handsome face and great
structure! ! He is  2 years old and has completed his genetic
testing with Pennhip and Pawprint.

We plan to pair Carson with our medium sized F1s that reside In Guardian homes ( Gwen and Cherry listed on Guardian page) and our English cocker Spaniel Gema  for amazing F1/f1b labradoodle and F1 Cockapoos.

Carson is clear for Prcd, OCD, GM2, and vWD. He is a carrier for DM is current with his CAER and Pennhip.



Noheas Little Lulu
28 # 14in. at the withers
OFA hips/elbows Good
FN normal
Prcd/ PRA carrier
AN- Carrier
Don’t let that pedigree fool you she may be a beauty but never a more down to earth lady will you meet! Lulu with her glorious natural Tail!! We Love the sound that tail makes “Thump thump thump thump THUMP” what a wonderful sound to wake to every morning! Lulu is never happier than when she has 4 wheels under her whether it be Tractor, Truck or car, or 4-wheeler!!
Her nose is always to the ground as she leads on our adventure hikes up the mountain or along the Arkansas River. She is playful yet obedient. Lulu Always knows where her favorite ball is waiting when she is asked” where is it”
​ALSO accepting applications for guardian ( cownership program) home to assist in our breeding program

Spindrift's Bear Creek Smudge

Sire: AM/MEX/Int CH. Spindrift’s Anchors Away
Dam: Spindrift’s Sirens Song

Home bred by H&HRCC he is the current stud of litter with Gema due June 23rd-28th

Bear Creek’s Smudge is Bench Bred and He is such a sweet boy! He enjoys hanging with the crowd and movie night ( ahh popcorn!) He was a dream to train his basic commands.

FN Normal
Prcd-PRA clean
AN -clear
OFA hips & Elbows GOOD
CAER normal

Huiterty Crusaders Embedded Jewell 

Meet Jewell A pup from Lulu and Smudge!!!!  Our keeper from our Puzzle pieces litter. Jewell is a Blue Roan
Jewell is clear for Prcd-PRA, FN, and AN. She has passed her recent CAER eye screening as well as,  her Pennhip & OFA. 
Watch for her first breeding with Silas Summer 2018.


Sire : Rich and Rosies Paeden
Dam Spindrifts Karma Huiterty
Bred by H&HRCC

Our sweet Gema. Her sire is our retired field bred English cocker Paeden. He is the current love sponge at a B & B in Kansas. Plenty of water and birds I hear! Her Dam is bench bred and she is also retired and living with a loving family here in Colorado. A beautiful black and tan Karma.

Gema is the perfect balance between field and bench. She has the beauty and structure of the bench, ( off switch = love sponge ) and the love of the outdoors and lower maintenance coat of the field. She is happy to be with us no matter WHAT we are doing!


CAER Normal

Cosmo – Minature Poodle

Summer Cut Cosmo


CHIC# 11997
​Our Apricot miniature Poodle Male. He inspires True POODLE JOY in all around him. we enjoy his clowning around and couch cuddles! He is fantastic lap warmer when not hiking the mountains or playing in the snow !

Cosmo is 13lbs and 13 inches tall at the withers.
PRCD clear
VWd clear
​OCD clear
OFA Hips and elbows Good
Ofa patellas complete no issues noted
​CAER normal

Comes to us from Murray Poodles.



Ruby is English/bench and Field Labrador Retriever. She is the “retrieving-est” of all our girls. She is reserved and affectionate a perfect blend of happiness and health!
We also have started a waiting list for Ruby’s next litter with Rusty in June 2017. If interested in either of these options please begin by submitting the puppy application found under the Contact Us tab.

Vetgen /Optigen:
Prcd: clear
RD/OSD- clear
EIC- clear
PRA( GR-PRA2)- clear
CMS- clear
MCD- clear

Hips: Good
Elbows: Good
CAER normal

Nellie- Belle
AKC Fox Red shade Labrador Retriever
RD/OSD Normal
OFA elbows- clear
CAER -Normal
Prcd/PRA- clear
HND- clear
ADB- clear
NAR- clear
MCT- clear
CM- clear
DM- Clear​
Nellie health tests are listed above. She is AKC registered (Fox Red shade) Labrador Retriever. Nellie claims CH. KEEPSAKE CAJUN as her great – Grand-sire. Nellie has English/Bench lines and Field lines in her. This makes the perfect companion! She is a sweet obedient girl with good energy and lean lines. She loves to hike the mountain and cant resist our Colorado powder and yet is still great and keeping our coach from floating away!
We have a waiting list started for Nellies next litter. We plan to breed her with Ranger for a litter of AKC LABRADOR RETRIEVERS
in June 2017.
If interested in adding your name please begin by filling out a puppy application.

Ranger is my Migraine Response dog.I had not intended him to be that when I found him! and fell head over heels!
I was simply looking for a Fox Red Labrador with a great head and fabulous temperament and good healthy lines behind him. I wanted one that had the structure of the field but the beauty of the bench! For those that understand this quest…this was on heck of a challenge! In some breeds it is diifficult to find a dual purpose dog anymore.I found labs that resembked either a chocolate, black, or yellow whippet or a beautiful… sausage. Both end of the spectrum. I wanted something in the middle! So I did what most breeders do. Go to the Pedigrees of my girls Nelle and Ruby….look way back 3 or 4 generations and then PRAY they are still in business. Bring back the original purpose and the boxy beauty !

Ranger shocked me as a pup as he naturally began to help me with a variety of issues that come with my battle with migraines. He just seemed to know instinctively what I needed. I trully believe that some abilities are just gifts bestowed on our angles with 4 paws.

Ranger has been life changing and a gift as far as helping me to mitagate the Chronic Daily Migraines that have plagued me for as long as I can remember. He rarely leaves my side. His genetic health testing is nearly complete. I plan to breed him with Nelle- Belle her Summer Season 2018. My hope is that he will pass this exceptional natural ability ( and that gorgeous boxy head) on to his pups. So that they will also help change lives of those with disability similar to mine!

OFA Pennhip DI= 0.39
Elbows Good
CAER Normal
D-Locus clear/non dilute