If you are serious about making one of H & H Red Canon Canine pups a part of your family please fill out a puppy application and email to rosihuberty@hhcanines.com
or call Rich at 719-458-5437

We are located 2 – 1/2 miles from Red Canon park in Sunny Southern Colorado. We do not to ship our pups . We wish to meet our new families and transfer pups in person. We would rather meet you at one of the local airports here in Colorado. IF necessary we will fly to you within the United States (at your expense). Finally we can recommend to you a Puppy Nanny to fly with your pup in Cabin. As well as a qualified Puppy Ground Transport Company. We can also for a fee deliver pup to you ( Prefer this be only if all other options have been exhausted)

Please check the available puppies/current litters page for what we have available at the moment. We do have a waiting list for those families that wish to ” hold” their place in line by placing a non refundable deposit on a particular litter.

  Thank you for your interest we look forward to speaking with you soon!

By submitting the application or quick contact form you are acknowledging (and give a consent) that you understand a background check will be done by H & H Red Canon Canines, LLC and give your consent. As well as give us permission to contact your integrity references. 

For quick questions please complete form below. To be considered as a family for one of our pups please complete the long application by clicking on the green button above.

All our ECS or Ecockapoos are also sold with limited registration and a spay/neuter contract with the understanding they are pet quality (unless otherwise specified) and will not be used for breeding purposes. However, occasionally we have an exceptional pup that we do not wish to keep but that will qualify as a ” Breeder” pup.  That is a different contract and fee schedule. We  ask that you be 100% honest with us about your intentions and let us know on the puppy application. We do additional health testing, training, and the pups stay with us until 16 weeks to determine that these pups are indeed up to our standards and qualify as Breeder Quality. Price reflects the added time, vaccines, training, and testing. 

We believe that dogs end up in Shelters and Rescues NOT because of bad breeders but because of irresponsible owners. I have done my best to prevent any of my pups going to those awful places by assisting our families in finding them a home if they can no longer keep them. Microchip all the pups we produce and doing a background check and charging a price that weeds out irresponsible dog ownership and evil intentions. (Laboratories, brokers, and others) . After all has been exhausted if life circumstances prevent a family from being able to care for a pup they got from us we will take pup back and do our best to find a loving qualified home.

We invest in Genetic Health Testing with our dogs to insure that they will you a produce healthy puppy. Our prices do not vary based on sex, breed, or color. If in question please see the Important information page.