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We are currently accepting applications for our waiting lists. We require a holding fee of $350. This will hold a pup of your choice. Holding Fees are accepted on a first come first serve basis and sets your place in line for picking at the meet and greet at 6-weeks of age. Pups stay with us until 10-weeks. Your place in line has not been secured until we receive the holding fee. 
Please visit our Anticipated Litters Page for further information or start the Puppy Application Now!

Included with all our Pups Starter Kit:  Puppy Culture the first 12 weeks on-demand access, AKC or CKC Registration, Microchip, health Policy, Spay Neuter Contract,  blanket, piece of fleece with Momma and litter mates scent, training treats, current dry puppy food, teething toy, leash / harness and a fun toy  (subject to changes).

Companion Prices are as follows : AKC English Cocker Spaniel  , English Cockapoo $1800.

Trained older pups are $2000.00 to reflect our added training time, vaccines, and health screenings

 we do not differentiate price based on breed, generation, color, pattern or sex.