• H&HRCC reserves the right to first pick on all litters
  • H&HRCC reserves the right to refuse to sell any pup to anyone with out reason or cause.
  • Priority is always given to potential service and Veteran homes
  • If interested in adding a new member to your family from our lovely companions. Please do not over look our older adult page. We have a few of  ladies looking for a nice family to enjoy their retirement with. 
  • Please fill out  our puppy applicationon theCONTACT US Page. 

 ​Our primary goals are Health and Temperaments. We are passionate about our Canine family members and implement selective responsible breeding practices to ensure Only the healthiest puppies come from H & H Red Canine Canines in Canon City Colorado.

We believe whether it is an AKC registered English Cocker Spaniel or a F1 Doodle the parents must be carefully selected and the parent breeds researched and Genetically health tested. This helps to ensure the problematic disorders common to their breed are not passed on to the following generations and that we improve the lives of canines as we breed them. We believe these practices helps us meet our goal to improve the health and temperament.

We use genetic health testing with Optigen, VetGen, and OFA to help us make the best breeding choices possible. 

Please see our Important Information Page for an example of our Contract/guarantee, Breed Standards and  FAQS. Our Puppy application is found on the Contact us page. 



Our puppy application helps us get to know you and place our pups in the best homes. Our  ECS pups leave no sooner than 10 weeks. Early neurological stimulation Exercises helps pups to adapt to new situations and stress easily and pushes them to the front of the class. We use the Volhard's Temperament Test at 45 days to help determine each pups temperament. This helps us place each pup in a home where they will excel in. Our pups are sold primarily as companions with limited registration.  We simply  ask for honesty from our families - if your looking for a breeder quality  for please let us know we may ( or may not) have what your looking for. We give a 2 year health guarantee and ask our families to wait until their companion is 1-2 years old to spay or neuter. This ensures proper Physical and Emotional growth and development of your family member. 

Our Pups our socialized to children on a weekly basis. Pups are also acclimated to baths and the sights sounds and smells and sensations of the grooming experience. Our pups our raised, cherished , and loved in the house with us from birth until they leave. When the pups leave for their new homes they are also up to date on their age appropriate shots and deworming. Foundations are established for crate training and house training. We also include a breed specefic book on training, nutrition, and grooming. Of course We are available for additional questions that are may not be covered in a book also! All pups leave with a microchip and registrations.

SHIPPING: We prefer not to ship whenever possible ( local is always better after all!!) we encourage our families to demonstrate their commitment to their new family member by flying into DIA ( denver international airport) or COS ( Colorado springs) where we are glad to meet you .We  enjoy meeting the families that will be loving our pups! Most of our families have reported back that it has been a good bonding experience with their new pup. Please contact us if alternative methods are necessary. We will deliver your pup to certain parts of the US ( for a travel fee). We prefer to meet our new families in person prior to the transfer being complete. 

PRICES: Our Prices are from $1800.00 for any of our Pet Quality pups. Breeder quality are $2500.00 We are highly invested in our parents and feel strongly that we must protect our lines and our pups.  A holding fee of 300.00 is required to hold the pup of your choice. This is a " good faith" deposit and goes toward the purchase of your pup. Refunds are determined on a situational and individual basis. Please see the anticipated litter page for further explanation. We ask that everyone be honest with us. If you intend to use one of our pups for breeding please inform us.  

If interested in one of the pups in the slideshow below. Please fill out a application on the contact us page and Please do not forget to check out our ladies on our available adults page.