Our primary goals are health and temperaments of our pups.

We are passionate about our Canine family members and implement selective responsible breeding practices to ensure only the healthiest puppies come from H & H Red Canine Canines in Canon City Colorado.


Our puppy application helps us get to know you and place our pups in the best homes. Our ECS pups leave our care no sooner than 10 weeks of age. All puppy tails are left natural on our pups. If the new family wishes for a docked tail to show in AKC Conformation we need to be informed prior to the pups birth.
Early neurological stimulation (exercises/biosensor  day 1-16) helps our pups adapt to new situations and handle stressful situations with resilience. As adults, this pushes them to the front of their obedience class. We use the Volhard's Temperament Test at 45 days to help determine each pups temperament. This helps us place each pup in a home where they will excel. Our pups are sold primarily as companions with limited registration. We simply ask for honesty from our families - if your looking for a breeder quality for please let us know we may (or may not) have what your looking for. We give a 1 year health guarantee that can be doubled by providing the pup with the NuVet supplements for the duration of the guarantee and contract. We also ask our families to wait until their companion is 1-2 years old to spay or neuter. We suggest using the PABS belt with females to avoid unwanted litters and extra mess during that " special" time. This ensures proper Physical and Emotional growth and development of your family member.

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First there was Karma and Payden and Dazzle and Puzzle 😘. Who gave us Gema and Smudge 😍
Now our sweet Gema has had her first litter and had quite the time of it!
But out of sadness comes a blessing we are pleased to announce ( temporary)named Asher! He has a strong disposition and beautiful markings! Rich's love affair with the lovely English Cocker Spaniel remains strong and true despite a bit of heartache experienced over this past week!
Asher and momma Gema are doing fabulous! What boy would not with full access to the milk bar!
Asher will be available in late August for a family. We are accepting applications for review at this time. For now just wanted to share.
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